5 Essentials For Traveling Light.

2017-05-31-22-41-33-900x600.jpgTraveling with a light back pack is such a game changer! I’ve discovered what traveling luggage free feels like and will never (willingly) go back. Beat the bulk by packing these essentials. 

Phone Charging Case:
Nothing drains your battery like a picture/video filled vacation. Every turn provides a new opportunity for the perfect photo. What’s a simple fix for a drained battery? A portable charger of course! The Mophie battery case is my favorite for a few reasons:
1. It’s affordable. I purchased my iPhone case on Groupon for just $29.99. What a steal!
2. The Mophie case provides phone protection while also doubling battery life.
3. The case isn’t too bulky and fits easily in your pocket or money pouch.
Easy portability + doubled battery life = endless photo ops!

Hidden Money Pouch:
Peace of mind is worth every penny no? At least I think so. I purchased this pouch just before my trip to France, where pickpockets are an epidemic! And love is not a strong enough word to describe my feelings towards it. Traveling through public transportation, I was happy to know my belongings were safe around my waist and under the comfort of my Kiss tee shirt. The pouch is light and easily concealed but large enough to hold passports, credit cards, keys, tickets, a phone, money and other things you’d like to keep your eye on.

Fold-able flats:
Shoes can be the bulkiest things to pack and easy to overthink. Should I bring boots for hiking? What about sneakers or heels for outings? Well, here’s an idea for you, foldable flats. Flats provide comfort for sensitive feet and can be worn dressed up or down, saving you tons of stress and space in your travel bag. Mix up your casual and fancy outfits with ease with a simple essential like flats. Try brands like Tieks or Lucky Brand.

Microfiber Towel:
As someone who frequently stays in hostels, I know how important it is to bring a towel (no towel service, booo). Packing a regular towel is fine but what happens after it’s been used? Dry time can be extensive and wet towels in your bag is less than ideal. Most microfiber towels fold tiny and dry in an instant, leaving plenty of space for an extra outfit! I highly recommend this essential to anyone backpacking, traveling or even camping.

Tip: I read reviews on some quick dry towels that say the color bleeds through when wet. Wash and dry the towel before packing and voila problem solved.

Universal Adapter: An adapter is another essential I always travel with. The best ones have multiple USB ports for all your charging needs. Multiple ports make it easier to share with your travel mates without worrying about charge time. You can purchase one easily on the Wish app or Amazon.

There you have it my list of travel essentials. Do you have any essentials of your own? Let me know your thoughts below!



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