Beat Travel Anxiety with Cannabidiol (CBD)



We all know someone with travel anxiety, whether that be flying, sailing, being on time, or anything else involved in traveling. Traveling is hectic, so it’s no surprise that we may need help unwinding. I’m a nervous flyer and always looking for THE product that can calm my nerves. What I found works best is CBD treats. Check out this post to see how CBD can help you too.

Hemp Products

What is CBD and What you Feel:
CBD is a medical grade, non-hallucinogen oil extracted from hemp plants that are changing the game. Cannabidiol is known to help with insomnia, epilepsy, aching muscles/joints, and anxiety. Hemp/CBD products have such a smooth feeling. The product provides a calmness that loosens your shoulders, rolls your neck and takes a deep breath. Feeling relaxed but alert is what I call the best of both worlds. CBD is the literal chill pill.

As an occasional anxiety sufferer, I never cared to take anything before my travels. The thought of not being alert during such a hectic time is not for me. I dealt with the anxiety until I found CBD gummies. Shout out to Groupon for putting me on! The gummies arrived one week before my trip to France and boy was I thankful. Hectic doesn’t begin to describe the crazy of a 1-hour layover flight. They even help me sleep on a plane (NEVER have before).

Do you know what else is crazy? The variety of CBD. The hemp industry produces gummies, oils, lotions, capsules and bath bombs you name it! I’ve tried several kinds in search of the best. Though they all work equally well, I’ve found my preferences are oil and gummies. When I’m on the go, I like quick and efficient which the oil/gummies are just that.

CBD Bath bombs

You can purchase Cannabidiol products almost anywhere but my favorites are Groupon and Amazon. On Groupon, you can find great deals on expensive products and Amazon is always the way to go for effortless shopping. Like any other products, CBD prices can range anywhere between $10-150.

Have you tried CBD? Are you interested or thinking about trying? Looking for brand recommendations? Let’s talk about it. Let me know what you think in the comments below! and don’t forget to subscribe for more travel tips and tricks!

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