Pressed Penny Souvenirs You’ll Love

We all know the deal with souvenirs right? Vendors sell you cheap “I Love” tees and we foolishly buy them in hopes of keeping memories alive. Other times, we have the “bring me something back” request that gets old fast. Growing bored with the typical souvenirs, I decided to add some unique items to my collection. I started by collecting pressed pennies and attraction coins anywhere I traveled. The price and size of the souvenir made it the ideal candidate.

The pressed pennies became a thing by accident. After purchasing one at Red Rock in Denver, it became a habit. Anytime I saw a press machine I just had to have one. Slowly but surely, they began appearing everywhere. In most of my favorite spot’s I’ve found a penny press. For the small fee of $1-2, I’d have a beautiful coin and memories with it. Looking at them now actually brings back the memories. When I simply buy a plastic Eiffel tower, the effect isn’t the same.

DIY Idea:
After my collection began growing, I wanted to do something special with them. Using the coins as jewelry charms, I made necklaces and earrings out of my collectibles and formed something special. They make great gifts and cheap souvenirs for friends and family too! I save so much space in my carry on with these little guys that the “bring me something” line doesn’t make me cringe anymore.

Saving money, space, and friendships, what’s not to love about a good coin souvenir! Next time you’re traveling, keep an eye out for the press machines at all the local attractions. Try making some real DIY souvenirs and see how the memories come flowing back.

Would you guys like a DIY post for the jewelry? Let me know in the comments below!

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