Blar Culloden a Jacobites Poem of Loss

Culloden Moor.png

Background: The Jacobite’s fought against the British to restore the Scottish Stuart monarch to the throne. Outnumbered 9000 to 6000 the British brutally wiped out 2000 Scots ultimately leading to the end of the Jacobite army resistance and the victory for the Hanover King George II. The poem flashes through time as the soldier remembers life in his last moments.

blar final

Scottish Gaelic terms/slang:
Blar (Battle)
Highlander (Scots who live in the mountains)
Sassenach (Englishman/Foreigner)
Bairn (Baby)
Lass (Woman)
Disathairne (Saturday)
Lad (Man)

If you liked like the poem or want to hear more about the Jacobite’s, let me know in the comments below!

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