Best Outlander Filming Spots in Scotland


Hey Outlander fans, ready to dive into the lives of Jamie and Claire Fraser? Scotland is the place to go! Make a day of visiting the standing stones, Wentworth prison, Lallybroch, and other beautiful spots. Check out my top Outlander filming sights and the things you need to know!


1. LallyBroch aka Midhope Castle: Head to South Queens fairy to visit the majestic Midhope castle. Take a photo of the famous Lallybroch entrance, buy some giant goose eggs, read the castle’s history, and envision yourself as part of one of today’s most beautiful loves stories. The site is small but great for photo ops or a good look around an Outlander filming site.

What you need to know:
Arrive early, the earlier you arrive, the better your chances of snapping a photo without a crowd in the background. I arrived at 9 am when the castle opened and had the place to myself. It was fantastic experiencing it alone I was free to roam and enjoy the peaceful quiet. Entering the castle is unsafe so you’ll only have access to the exterior of the building. Also, arrive early due to limited parking (only eight car carpark). Entrance fees are 3.50 (pounds) per person with parking included.


Linlithgow Palace
2. Linlithgow Palace aka Wentworth Prison: It turns out the treacherous Outlander prison is quite lovely. Whether you visit the inside of the palace or walk around the exterior, there’s plenty to see. Outside of the palace, there’s a park with loch and picturesque mountain views. Grab a bench and admire the architecture or even picnic!

What you need to know:
Entrance fees are 7.20 (pounds) per adult with free entrance for kids. The steeper cost includes parking and more to see than other locations. Unlike Lallybroch, Linlithgow is safe to enter and explore. If you’d like to explore the area further check out the abbey and cemetery with graves as old as the 1700’s! The palace has a decent sized parking lot so parking shouldn’t be an issue. If the parking area is full, there is a carpark located just 3 minutes away to the left of the entrance.


Clava Cairns 2

3. Clava Cairns aka Craigh na Dun: Try your luck with time travel at the Clava Cairns. Located in Inverness, the 4,000-year-old burial ground is quite a site. Explore the large, circular cairns surrounded by the infamous standing stones. Grab a fun photo inside a cairn or attempting time travel! Fun fact: the cairns mysteriously align with the planets!

Clava Cairns Inverness

What you need to know:
The best time to visit the Clava Cairns is at night. Luckily, the summer sun in Scotland doesn’t set until about 9:30 pm, so you’ll have plenty of light. Visit around 6 pm and have the place to yourself! Take as many photos as you’d like, examine stone carvings, or arrive later and watch the sunset from the top of a cairn. The Clava Cairns are free and provide a decent sized parking lot. If you’d like to become a citizen scientist, help the Historic Environment Scotland monitor changes by submitting your unfiltered photos of the cairns and stone circles. Submit your photos by using hashtags #clavacairns or emailing



4. Glencoe: Sing me a song of a lass that is gone! Outlander filmed it’s opening credits in Glencoe (Fort William). The picturesque mountains are stunning and go on forever. Besides Outlander this location has been featured in many films and shows. Hike through the mountains and absorb the breathtaking views. You may not be able to time travel but transport yourself to what feels like another world.

What you need to know:
Glencoe has many hiking trails with different difficulty levels. My favorite hike was the Pap trail leading to the top of a mountain. The trail is quite steep almost the entire way and involves some light rock climbing. I recommend this hike for moderately fit to very fit people who are looking for a challenge and fantastic views. Parking is near the entrance of each trail and nearby camping grounds. To avoid too much driving, bring water and snacks as there isn’t a lot around the area. Most importantly, take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of nature!

Thinking about visiting these locations, or have you already been? Let me know what you think in the comments. Also, don’t forget to subscribe!

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