5 Fun Things to do in Philadelphia

Independence Hall

Explore Philadelphia the city with so much history! The place where our founding fathers made some of the biggest decisions. The city where the Declaration of Independence and the Consitution were signed. Philly is a great place to visit for the day or even stay for a few. You’ll find no other city with so much American history packed into its city center. Take a look at some of my favorite things to do while visiting Philly!

Franklin Square Park.JPG

Franklin Square Park: Located at 6th & Race Streets, Philadelphia, PA, Franklin Square Park is a unique place with a beautiful fountain, resting areas, activities, carousel, and food. Currently, you’ll find the Chinese lantern festival taking over the place. Take a stroll through the butterfly garden and snap some cute photos or have a fun round of mini golf for $10 a person. Get lost in colorful dragons, pandas, teacups and whale sculptures full of wonder. The lanterns really do catch the eye and light up at night for a magical experience. The festival will remain in the park until July 14th so don’t miss it!

U.S Mint.JPG

U.S Mint: Located at 151 N Independence Mall E, Philadelphia, PA, the building is free to enter with tons of stuff to see. Check out unreleased coins, how they’re made at first hand, challenge yourself with quizzes and design a coin. The self-guided tour was about an hour long with tons of entertainment. Photos are not allowed at the U.S Mint, so you get the full experience without distractions. In the end, visit the gift shop and purchase specially made coins.
Tip: Across the street, at Christ Church, you can see Benjamin Franklin’s gravestone.

Philly Senate Room

Independence Hall: Independence Hall is filled with replicas of the very rooms where our founding fathers sat. Take a free tour into the Senate room and experience what the meetings were like. Take in the decor and witness authentic items of history like the unsigned version of the Declaration of Independence and the ink pot used to sign it! Located at 143 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA, there is much to see at the Independence Hall.
Tip: Tickets are available at the Independence Visitors Center for free. Arrive before 11:30 or you may find they’re all gone.

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell: Take a quick stroll through the free museum that houses the infamous Liberty Bell. Check out antiques on display like mirrors, brushes, furniture and more from the 1800s. Learn about the days of slavery leading up to freedom and those who opposed and championed it. Get some fun facts about the bell and its role in the American revolution. The Liberty Bell Museum is located at 526 Market St, Philadelphia, PA.
Tip: Don’t be discouraged by long lines at the door, they move quickly.

Sonny's Famous Steaks

Cheesesteaks: For a good Philly cheesesteak there’s no need to go that far. If your spending the day in the city center, Sonny’s Famous Steaks is definitely recommended for an authentic cheesesteak. Located at 228 Market St, Philadelphia, PA, the shop offers more than just the classic cheese steak sandwich. Try the famous sandwich with jalapenos, bacon, different cheeses, chicken or add crispy fries. I went with the classic, the fresh soft bread, tender ribeye steak, cheese whiz, and onions were amazing! Out of all the cheesesteaks, this has been the best yet!

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