10 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Travelers

10 Gift Ideas for Travelers

Christmas is a stressful and expensive time of year, though it doesn’t have to be. If your problem is a lack of ideas, and budget this list is for you! Gift a great gadget to the traveler in your life without breaking the bank. Check out my list of ten thoughtful and inexpensive gift ideas.

Torro Bracelet2

Torro Charging Bracelet: End rapid battery loss with a fashionable charging bracelet. Anyone who travels knows photos, videos, mapping, and social media drain your battery fast. The Torro charging bracelet is a compact and portable way to keep your phone charged at all times. Price: $49.99. Sign up with your email & you’ll receive 15% off!

Emmie Flats Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand Emmie Flats: For the light packer, every bit of room in your bag is precious. A big packing dilemma we all face is bulky shoes. A simple solution for the bulk? Emmie flats. The cute, bendy, shoes can be worn for most occasions and fit in any crevice. Price: $59. Sign up with your email & you’ll receive 10% off!

Hidden Scarf Pouch

Secret Pouch/Scarf: Travelers usually carry a lot of sensitive items with them while they travel. It’s scary to think of possibly being robbed or pick pocketed during a trip. You can avoid the issue by using safer carrying methods. The money scarf or pouch are great ways to carry money and passports without worrying. The concealed items will be difficult to spot, always in view and safe from being stolen. Give the gift of peace of mind with these fantastic items. Price: Scarf $12-40 and pouch $5-20 on Amazon. (I got mine for $5 at Marshals).


Water Life Straw: Destinations with questionable water sources call for a filtering Straw. Stay safely hydrated as the filter works to avoid germs and parasites carried through the water. This gift is perfect for the adventurous traveler in your life. Price: $10-30 and easily accessible on Amazon.

Scratch off map

Scratch Off Map: Does your traveler live on their own and fancy some wall decor? A scratch-off world map is a fantastic gift. Let them mark all of the places they’ve visited and relive the memories. The map can be framed and hung on the wall as a great conversation piece. Price $14-35.


Adjustable Tripod: For a solo traveler, it can be hard to get the perfect photo without help. Solve the problem with a Bluetooth remote and tripod with adjustable legs. The tripod makes it easy to stand or place a phone/camera onto any surface, and comes with a remote! Place the tripod at the right angle and use the remote for the perfect solo photo shoot. Price $11-30.

Fuji Film Instant Pic
Fuji Film Instant Pic Camera: For the creative traveler, there’s the Fuji Film Instant camera. Snap a photo and get a small print instantly for a new collage. As someone who collages, I can honestly say this camera takes the work out of developing and cutting photos. Instant photos for instant memories. Price $59.99.

Targus Rolling backpack
Targus Rolling Backpack: Traveling with large luggage can be such a hassle. Save your traveler time and money with a new rolling backpack. No more baggage fees, heavy bags, or lines when traveling. It’s the gift they never knew they wanted. Price $65.

Lifeproof Case
Life Proof Phone Case: The life proof case can survive falls, water, scratching, and harsh weather. It’s a gift for the hiker, rock climber, swimmer, and equestrian in your life. Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors and its unpredictable elements will love this case. Price: $34-45 depending on the phone type.


Travellers Collective: I never recommend traveling with expensive jewelry (pickpockets), and Travellers Collective is the alternative. For the traveler who enjoys wearing jewelry, these necklaces and clips are cute and inexpensive. Purchase a necklace (slate, classic, or dainty silver) and cute, customizable charms with the name of any country. Price: $22.50 for the necklace or the clip and $4-14 per ring charm.


Now get out there and shop, shop, shop! And you liked this list or purchased any of my recommendations, let me know what you think in the comments!

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