Best Products for Healthy Curly Hair

My Favorite Curl Products

Curly hair has a mind of its own, am I right ladies? One day you wake up with fabulous, frizz-free locks and the next, you’re medusa’s cousin. It’s those medusa days that caused my extensive search for what are now my go-to products. If you’re looking for new products to manage your curls check out my hair essentials!

Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil

1. Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Leave-in Conditioner:
I wanted to start with my favorite leave-in conditioner of them all. Shea Moisture conditioner leaves my hair feeling light and shiny with luscious, defined curls. The conditioner doesn’t feel crunchy on the hair, makes really dry hair feel healthy, and even restores colored & permed hair. I usually buy Shea Moisture from Target but have recently noticed they are being carried at Marshals as well. Costs range for 3.2-11oz between $2.99-9.99.

Mixed Chicks Leave in

2.Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner:
Mixed Chicks is great for adding moisture, repairing next day frizz and styling your hair. The conditioner provides a good hold, so a little of this goes a long way (large amounts makes hair crunchy). This formula also works for styling an up do, a bun, and styling baby hairs. Mixed Chicks is one of the more expensive brands I use and runs 10 oz for $18.99. You can find MC at your local Target, Ulta, and the Mixed Chicks website.

Curls Blueberry Hair Milk

3. Curls Leave-in Hair Milk:
This conditioner is what I call the refresher cause it always comes through when I need a quick touch up. Curls hair milk revives frizzy hair cursed by the elements. Imagine 80 mph winds + loose curls on the Cliffs of Moher= looking disastrous. The product smells amazing, is lightweight on the hair, and is best used to touch up. All you need is a little water from a spray bottle, hair milk, and your renewed and ready to hit the town.

Revlon Uniq1

4. Revlon Uniq One:
Lightweight, inexpensive, and defining with ten more fantastic perks. Revlon Uniq one offers benefits like heat protection, damage repair, fights frizz, detangles, split end prevention, and adds volume! Can you ask for more out of a product? I like to put this product on my just-washed hair to absorb the benefits and use my diffuser without worrying about the heat.


5. The Right Comb: (Large tooth comb for me)
Keeping my hair detangled and manageable isn’t easy an easy task. It’s important to have the right comb to prevent hair breakage. For those of us with thicker locks, a fine-toothed comb will cause breakage and more frizz (no thanks). A large tooth comb is perfect and evenly brushes through my curls without damaging the spirals. Also, if I need a mid-week refresh, I just wet my hair, add a little leave-in conditioner, and comb it back to life.

6. Hair Clip:
I bring my hair clip everywhere cause it always comes in handy.
When I need a quick styling, to sleep, or to get my hair out of my face, I always have my clip. You can also use this type of clip to keep your hair from getting messy while you sleep. Clip the ends of your hair to the top of your scalp before bed, and your curls will be less frizzy in the morning. Hair clips are available everywhere (I get mine at the dollar store).

7. Small Spray Bottle:
Wetting dry hair is an essential part of the curling process. If you want to freshen your curls, you should evenly distribute water from a spray bottle.
The spray method is best because there’s no mess, less drying time, even hair coverage, and it’s very inexpensive. I purchased mine for a dollar and travel everywhere with it. Just wet my hair, add product, and voila good as new.

All of these products smell delicious, leave your hair looking amazing, and are affordable. I use these products religiously at home and never travel without at least one of them. If you like them, are interested in trying or have any recommendations, let me know in the comments below!

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