10 TV Comedies to Binge Watch During Quarantine

10 Tv Comedies to Binge During the Quarantine (1)

It’s been hard these past few weeks with the quarantine among us. Lately, I find myself looking for something to do to keep the stir crazy at bay. One thing that helped is accepting that it’s out of my control and  I should take this as a time to let myself relax. I also found that it helps to re watch my favorite comedies, old and new, to have a reason to laugh again. Today, I want to share with you the gift of laughter with my list of binge-worthy comedy shows. All of these shows have at least three seasons, so you will have plenty to watch and lots to laugh at!

Schitts Creek Hoping the Building collapse

1. Schitts Creek: 6 Seasons (Netflix)
A wealthy family loses their fortune and is forced to deal with their new lives in a beat up town they purchased as a joke. I’ve watched this show three times over and still find it just as funny as the first time around. Moira is a 2020 Mood!


blue mountain state

2. Blue Mountain State: 3 Seasons (Vudu)
In this show, we follow college jocks on their insane adventures. Another pee your pants funny show that never gets old. I can and have watched season one episode 6 “Drug Olympics” a million times.



3. Blackish: 6 Seasons (Hulu/ABC)
I slept on Blackish for a long time, and boy was I missing out. The Johnson family is full of class, sass, and fall on your ass laughter. So many amazing characters in this one that really know how to deliver.


broad city

4. Broad City: 5 Seasons (Hulu/Comedy Central)
Roll up and smoke out for this stoner comedy I know you’ll love. Get lost in the world of NYC with Abbi and Ilana as they try to make their way through adulthood together. In three seasons, Abbi, Ilana, and the crew bring on the hilarity. My favorite episode is “Wisdom Teeth” in season two, episode 3.



5. Curb Your Enthusiasm: 10 Seasons (HBO)
The show follows comedian/writer Larry David (Seinfeld) as he stumbles upon life’s misfortunes and Hollywoods many assholes. This show is ridiculously funny and honestly something only Larry David can pull off.



6. Chappelle’s Show: 3 Seasons (Comedy Central)
Comedian Dave Chappelle is a comedic genius, and this show is only one reason why. Watch Chappelle perform in tons of hilarious skits spoofing everything from Sesame Street to Rick James. This one’s a true comedy classic.



7. Modern Family: 11 Seasons (Hulu)
There’s a reason Modern Family has lasted 11 seasons, (Phil and Cam duh). I think there are a lot of shows out there that drop the ball when it comes to comedy, and this one isn’t one of them.


8. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: 14 Seasons (Hulu)
If you’re missing your friends while social distancing and you don’t like the TV show friends, maybe this one is for you. Follow five idiot friends and their crazy lives as they navigate owning a bar, relationships, and life’s curve balls.



9. Drunk History: 6 Seasons (Hulu/Comedy Central)
Why not watch comedians get drunk and tell the hilarious stories of the past. Drunk History is hands down the best way to learn and laugh all in one. Season three Episode 4 “Spies” is the GOAT episode!

Jane the virgin

10. Jane the Virgin: 5 Seasons (Netflix/CW)
A virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated!? Yup, and that’s only the first episode. Transformed from a dramatic Latin novella to a funny, feel-good show, you don’t want to miss JTV.

So there you have it, all of my favorite comedies to binge-watch (re watch). I hope everyone is staying safe indoors, staying positive, and are ready for a laugh with this list. Let me know how you’re doing these days and what you think about my list in the comments!

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