26 Things To Do If You’re Bored During Quarantine

26 Ways to Keep Busy

These days can be a blur when you’ve got nothing to do but work and stay home. In my efforts to keep busy, I’ve done everything I can think of and thought I’d share them with you. Kill your boredom now with one of my 26 methods of staying busy!

1. Keep your mind sharp with brain games like Lumosity, trivia games like Scattergories, or Scrabble.

2. Get writing. Find some interesting writing prompts online and write your heart out.

3. Join a social challenge like #seeadogsendadog, #coupleschallenge, #tiktok, #climaxchallenge, #tootsieslide etc.

4. Read that book you’ve been meaning to pick up. 1500 pages? No problem!

5. Teach your pet some new tricks.

Mini Cheesecake

6. Baking for fun and comfort.

7. Follow a creative tutorial on Youtube or Pinterest (painting, makeup, sewing, etc)

8. Keep a journal.  Even if you only write a few sentences a day it’s worth it. These are historic times!

9. Do something helpful. Sew some masks, 3D print masks or ear guards, donate books, call your friends and family to check-in, clean out the house and start a donation box.

10. Play games with google home (song quiz, harry potter quiz, mickeys adventure and more!).


11. BBQ for dinner. Fresh air, food, and sun is always nice.

12. Gather around the fire pit. I love a cool night around the fire pit with some good music.

13. Write and record a song or poem and submit to local online magazines.

14. Thinking about starting your own business? Now is the time to create your business plan for the future.

10 Tv Comedies to Binge During the Quarantine (1)

 15. Watch TV that makes you feel good.

 16. Learn a new skill. I cannot stress enough how valuable of a tool Youtube can be these days. (Learn selling online, drawing, instruments, singing, or starting your own business etc.).

17. Watch a play. There are tons of Broadway plays and performances that are live streaming during the quarantine so take advantage.

18. Clean all your makeup sponges and brushes.

19. Now that face masks are mandatory outdoors, use a Pinterest template and make face masks to wear or donate.


 20. Make a mood board for your future after the quarantine.

21. Find great at home work outs on Pinterest and Exercise.

22. Make a special dinner once a week. Something you never have time to make regularly. My bf and I made some sushi!

23. Facetime friends and family so you feel less lonely. I had a virtual game night the other day with some friends that really lifted my spirit.

24. Go for a drive, turn up the music and relax. This sounds silly but it really did make me feel better.

25. Start a DIY project: refinish a table, upholster a chair, paint a room.

26. Learn a new language with Duolingo! I started with Italian and so far so good.


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