Must Try Food in Ireland


Guinness Beef Stew
Making the top of my Irish food list is this stew with a twist. Grass-fed beef, slow cooked with carrots, onion, and potatoes in a beef broth and Guinness beer. Yum! I tried this dish during my stay in Galway and knew immediately it would make my list. Sink your teeth into the tender meat and enjoy every delicious bite. If you’re staying in Galway, Ireland be sure to visit Sonny Malloys and grab yourself a hot bowl of Guinness stew.

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6 Facts about King Louis XIV the Man Behind Versailles


History of monarchs has always been my favorite subject to research. I mean how could it not be? The wild stories of romance, chaos and war are something straight out of a fairytale! Imagine yourself a young monarch stocked with money, power and adoring (or not so adoring) subjects. The possibilities are endless and that’s what makes history so exciting (for me anyway).

Let’s kick off our first “And the rest was history” with a few interesting facts about the Sun King, Louis XIV of France.

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History of the Paris Catacombs


If history has taught us anything, it’s that sickness and war are inevitable. Europe, in particular, is a place with a long history of battles, illness, and high death tolls. In my last post, I mentioned King Louis XIV had constantly raged war and accumulated debt for France. What happens when war, famine, and illness strike a city? Death and overpopulated graves. Explore the history of what lies below the Parisian streets for a bone-chilling experience.

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