What’s Cooking?

Eat with your eyes, on the food of the world.


1. Patat:
Dutch, thick cut, crispy fries need I say more? Yes, I know we have fries everywhere, but these were just, WOW. Yes, I know we have fries anywhere, but these were just WOW. The delicious snack from the Netherlands is served in a paper cone and topped with mayonnaise. My favorite part of the whole thing? Sauces. Most places have different sauces like garlic sauce, curry mayo, the famous peanut sauce or my personal favorite, freit speciaal (ketchup, mayo, and onion).



2. Bitterballen:
This Dutch snack usually paired with a beer is a deep fried, meat/cheese filled delight. The outside is deliciously crunchy with a complimentary melt in your mouth inside of beef ragu, veal or cheese. Dip it in mustard for a sweet and tangy boost of flavor. I highly recommended this even for picky eaters!



3. Original Stroopwafel:
I’ll begin by saying that I don’t have a photo of stroopwafel. Why is that, you ask? Well, in all honesty, it’s because I devoured it within seconds. (No shame) This thin, crispy waffle sandwich really satisfies a sweet tooth. Served warm with a caramel middle, every bite gets better. I prefer mine plain but feel free to add toppings. Some of the toppings offered are Nutella, fruit, and syrup.
A little tip: Visit the Original Stroopwafel in Amsterdams, Albert Cuypstraat market. You won’t regret it.



4. Cheese:  
SO MUCH CHEESE… Blue Cheese, Goat Cheese, Basil Swiss, and Jarlsberg. Imagine, that’s just a glimpse of the many pieces of cheese I inhaled in Amsterdam. If you’re a cheese lover like myself, try these delicious spots:

Zaanse Schans cheese factory: This dairy heaven is located in the scenic Zaanse Schans windmills. Inside you’ll find a cheese bar lined with what seems like an endless amount of cheese.
Albert Cuypstraat market: (Pictured above) is another great place to sample cheese. The street vendors let you sample and pick out your favorites. If you like what you eat, a small bag of cheese cost as little as three Euro, so rack up! and Genieten!

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